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But if you have to work in an office, you much prefer having your own cubicle. The thought of criticism is terrible to you. You often go to great lengths to avoid it. This leads to people-pleasing, and trying your hardest to always make sure everyone likes you and is happy with you.

Why I try so hard not to inconvenience people?

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You know that mildly uncomfortable feeling everyone gets after realizing they made the wrong decision on something minor? Yeah, you get that, too—but times You mull it all over and even envision how you would feel if you chose each route. Image zoom. You notice every little nuance. You tend to find yourself overwhelmed in a good way! You notice how the sun shines through the leaves making them a brighter hue, or how the air has become slightly colder as summer turns to fall.

This also happens with anything regarding emotion. You cry at happy movies. You cry at sad movies. You just cry. You fear pain, like getting your blood drawn, more than most. What other people may find just painful, you may find excruciating. Since you can vividly picture what it would be like, you can connect to the characters on an emotional level, making it far scarier for you. Friends would sometimes tease me and try to convince me to watch, thinking it was not a big deal. You feel the extreme need to either quiet the noise or get away from it as soon as possible. The harsh lights are just too much for you to handle.

In general, anything that is extreme on the senses is often too much for you. Having a mindfulness practice can give you a grounding to draw on when you are getting overstimulated.

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Many of the strategies for managing hypersensitivity overlap with those for managing bipolar. Identifying situations that overwhelm you is the first step in managing the added challenges that sensory processing sensitivity brings to living with bipolar disorder. Once you know your triggers, you can brainstorm ways to reduce or respond to overstimulation in your environment.

Let your household know why clutter sets you on edge so everyone pitches in to keep things neat. Plan shopping trips for off-peak hours. Cognitive therapy skills can help you reality-check your emotional reactions. I was diagnosed as a small child in elementary school. Manic depression — bi-Polar -treatment resistant depression. Meds just make me worse.

Being sensitive is a big challenge but it is a beautiful thing. It makes us special in a world of selfish , ignorant , closed minded people. We are here to remind the world to be more kind to each Other. That is our job. Diet and exercise make a HUGE difference. I started working with a Shaman and we are doing amazing things. Learning to accept your self and NOT listen to that inner Voice , not give in to ego , help. Find yoga , daily practice of deep breathing , self care. Hug yourself. Forgive yourself.

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We are all in this together. I have MDD and take medication, but I am so hyper-sensitive to sad events that it takes me several days to get over the depression that settles in. It affects everything in my life! This is so real.

Curse of being a highly sensitive person

When I first moved away from home I had to use ear plugs to sleep. Did you know that everything from TVs to refrigerated emit sound when plugged in? They do and I can hear them. One positive is, at least for me, over time you can build up more of a tolerance. Crying children on planes use to send me into orbit.

10 Life-Changing Tips for Highly Sensitive People

After having children of my own I barely notice a crying child. And instead of being irritated I feel empathy for both parent and child. Maybe some sort of exposure therapy could help people, but it is very, very real.

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Conversations overlapping. A simple dinner party can sweep you into auditory overload—sending you out of the room to deal with what can be an assault on the ears. In a study Empower yourself with tips, advice and the latest research on bipolar! Help for the Highly Sensitive Person. By Sasha Kildare. Post Views: 24, Sasha Kildare. Sasha Kildare, an educator, is at work on a memoir of mania, depression, addiction, and recovery—she blogs about storytelling at DrivenToTellStories.

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