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This is church at its best - a man inspiring his brothers and sisters by his efforts to live with Christlike integrity. I have no doubt that Francis' authentic personal leadership will do more to bring heaven to earth than the leadership bestowed on his recent predecessors by the bureaucracies of men. Christianity nearly achieved that in Europe and had emperors and kings acknowledging its supremacy until The Enlightenment happened. At that point in history, education started to reach more widely into the general population and the baleful influence of the power structure has been fighting against education as hard as it could.

True, but the meaning is derived from Greek religious traditions. The Church has at many times and in many places operated as a hierarchy, but as a descriptor, 'hierarchical' is no more applicable to Christianity than it is to Islam, Freemasonry, secular government or banking.

As for the 'baleful influence' that the Church has had on education, clergymen were some of the most prominent scientists during the enlightenment, and in more recent times, Christians have probably been the single most prominent force for the advancement of linguistics and anthropology a relative of mine as a Bible translator was a pioneer in studying, codifying, translating and teaching the Bardi, Pitjanjatjara and Noongar languages of Western Australia, with the firm belief that people should be able to read, learn and express themselves in their own language.

Today the Church continues to play an important role in the extension of free education to the underprivileged, the provision of quality education options to the middle classes and the advancement of higher education amongst gifted scholars. It is certainly true that the Catholic Church did not always educate so broadly, but even then, their own clerics were compiling some of the best and most beautiful libraries of their time.

It would be a better example still if they all started acting like Jesus and rejected wealth, power and privilege and just wandered about setting a good example instead of telling everyone else how to live while hiding pedophiles in their ranks. I can understand people disagreeing on the existence of God, but people like you go to the other extreme, by belittling others with a different view, and making some sort of vain attempt to claim intellectual high ground. No, your faith in the non-existence of God is blind.

Hi DaveR, Sorry, but i'm just not a fan of ignorance. This is the space age after all. Canaanite demi gods as part of a polytheistic mythology was all fine and good in the early iron age So what is the basis for your belief there is no God then? Or do you just deny it because you don't like the idea? I disagree. A "bunch of bollocks" is devaluing excess to refugee status, under the idolatry of ungrounded narcissism, and the belief that this bunch of clones has a genome worth replication. It proclaims "repent and believe the Good News". Repenting is revolutionary, from the very depths of people's hearts.

If you want a political revolution, you want what the Jewish people wanted of their Messiah, and Jesus never provided that, so why would the Catholic Church. Do you wonder why every revolution goes sour, even if they started with high ideals? Because every person has a bit of evil in them and can't help corrupting good things. This is why the Church would be foolish to demand political revolution.

Better to start with the human heart. Love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and love your neighbour as yourself".

Do that and the world will be transformed. Noel - of course he didn't impose GST on the loaves and fishes. He was the earthly embodiment of at least one religious institution and was therefore entitled to a GST credit for providing GST-free supplies.

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Jesus checked the ATO website. Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become legend Indeed mental health issues relating to voices in ones head appear to be a pre-requisite of a prophet.

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Just consider the mental torment Abraham suffered, Exactly, beautifully put. Thank you for this article.

I thank God for this pope, and I pray my church will allow him to lead us back to a better representation of the church that Jesus established. Not to mention children in detention. TJC, Catholics are not diciples of the pope, why don't you bother to inform yourself? I agree that many of the policies of the government run contrary to the teachings of the catholic church.

I too would like to see governments form their policies based on the teachings of the catholic church, but I think many people would disagree with you and I on that point.

WWJD 2.0: A Review of The Jesus Life for Speakeasy

A slur that hardly squares with Abbott's promotion of Recognition. The Libs have just about finished getting them out. Your point? Am I the only one that is both slightly disappointed and very confused that people like harold apparently need a book - half of which was written in the bronze age, the other half in the iron age - to know how to be a good person? Bearing in mind that the first half of this book really is just a litany of god killing people The Church of Rome began years after JC.

7 Things Christians Should Give Up To Reach Unchurched People

The Maronites and Orthodox Christians want no part of Constantine's church, which by the way, since it's inception, has been a tool of empire. Indeed, C15th Popes pronouncing Bulls which led to the deaths of millions in the Americas, and most everywhere else. Talk about a death cult. Well as the saying goes - rationality didn't put that rubbish into their minds in the first place so rationality is not going to get it out.

Pointing out the lack of reason or even basic facts in the beliefs of the religious is very hard to resist, so stark is it to the rest of us, but it never works does it? They just have to come to the realisation on their own somehow - or never at all. Hi Bononzo, I'm sorry to hear you are so confused. Perhaps if you take the time to find out what "people like [me]" actually believe and why because it's clear from your post you haven't , and perhaps if you tried to be a little less narrow minded because it's clear from your post you are you may find you would become less confused.

The Jesus Life: Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity by Stephen W. Smith

Good luck with that, bless ya. Thanks harold, actually I spent quite a lot of time with people ike you, and yes, I know your bible quite well too. And no harold, you dont confuse me in the slightest. In fact, people like you believe a myriad of things - to the point where no two of you can agree on anything but the superficial details.

The ultimate test of narrow mindedness is your answer to this question: "what would it take - what information, fact, or detail would it take for you to stop believing in your god"? If you answer something like "nothing, I will never stop believing in my god", then you've just described yourself as being narrow minded, and in fact, my experience is that most people who accuse ME of being narrow minded, have that answer - you can ask yourself.

There is, harold, only one correct answer to that question. I can tell you what it is if you're struggling. And btw. That you wish to impose, and bless your god on me - the one I just pointed out spent most of his time in the NT butchering pretty much anyone - points to a greater issue with your ability to parse both reason and morality.

I wonder should I bless satan on you? I only said you were confused because you said you were confused. I don't have time to write an essay as you have done.

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I will just say I find it amazing that you think you know what kind of person I am from a few web posts. Oh and I have a belief, if someone provided proof that my belief is not true then of course I would change that belief. So am I narrow minded? I think you are narrow minded because you made it clear that you are prepared to sum up people like harold and write off needs a book to be a good perdon a person based on the fact that said person belongs to a particular group of people you don't like.

Nothing in your further posts has given me reason to change that view. Good day to you. This is not my opinion, by the way - these are the only two options you have available to you. The thing is, of course, my morals and ethics are largely identical to yours, I just don't have the threat of eternal damnation or whatever interpretation you personally have associated to the bible hovering over my head.

Historiography of early Christianity - Wikipedia

We get to the same point harold. I'm a catholic, you are clearly ignorent of the teaching of the catholic church in relation to scripture and tradition. And yet you say you know what I believe and that you have spent time with people who believe what I believe. You haven't the foggiest! HaroldHopes, Just remember god did not created mankind.

Mankind Men created god to have power and control over other people, particularly women and children. It also provided the creators with a very good income. I respect your right to have your own opinions and beliefs, but I disagree with those you expressed in this statement.