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I visited with Robert Arledge, designer and builder of Hogzilla, as he finished polishing chrome. The project all began last year after the Fayetteville bike show.

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2018 (Day 2)

When Robert returned to his hotel room and turned in for the night, he awoke at a. One idea led to another and ended seven months later as a true piece of art on two wheels. All of the features of Hogzilla were done by making molds and forms, then hammering to create the nostrils, horns, teeth and other parts of the beast. The mounted Co2 tank provided an impressive display of smoke that emitted from the nostrils and the LED lights in the eyes made all of us take a few steps back.

It was awesome! That is disappointing, not to be able to share such a wonderful piece of art, not to mention the tribute to the Razorbacks.

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Tomcat is a seven-time X Games medallist. I headed back over to Dixon Street for the Saturday night party, and it was in full swing by the time I got there. It was shoulder to shoulder for several blocks, and you almost felt suffocated, but a good suffocation! Backstage the crew was gearing up for the Harley-Davidson bike give-aways. The rally itself sold raffle tickets, and the Fraternal Order of Police sold tickets. Both winners ended up being quite a story!

With drum rolls the winning name of Milo Compton was drawn.

Cindy Lindgren

Are you ready for this…he is 12 years old! His grandfather bought a ticket for him. They loaded it up on the trailer the next day to transport it home and they fired it up with Milo seated on it …. Even though it will be a few years before he can actually ride, what a prize and what fun he will have! Bikers stayed in hotel accommodations as far away as Eureka Springs, and Ft. Smith, Arkansas. The dates have been announced for , and if you are thinking about going, you better get your reservations now! It will be held September , Overall, the rally was a huge success, well organized, and a lot of fun.

How could his brand new bike fall ill despite his careful attention? Machines have the same indiscretions as do humans, he realized. The very next day, he decided enough was enough. Ganesh called the nearest Yamaha service center. Ganesh was relieved. The mechanic promptly arrived, that evening on a Yamaha RXG, nothing less.

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Humming a Rajni song, he gingerly unveiled an array of spanners and started work on the bike. He examined every part possible, trying to start the bike every two minutes.

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The ignition would sputter, and then stop. But then it died down, as soon as it started. Fifteen minutes later, the mechanic stood up and took a stretch. Suddenly, he fixed his glance at one point. He beckoned Ganesh towards him. His right index finger pointed towards the side of the bike.

Bicycle XXX. The Best

Ganesh saw it for himself. No sooner did he saw what the mechanic pointed, a smile, or rather, a sheepish grin developed on his face. How in the world would his bike start, when its petrol was turned off? Check out their Facebook page , where you can post your own stories. Pour your experiences here as comments.

Set the ball rolling. The vendor population was up, as was the rent for vending space. Some vendors downsized their space, but still showed up to take advantage of the hordes of rally attendees willing to part with a few bucks here and there. Naturally the hotels were happy to see us. Most of them doubled or tripled their rates, but there were a few that actually stuck with standard rates. At least they have not started demanding multi-day reservations.

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  8. I did hear of more visitors renting rooms in private homes this year, and saw a few tents in a few yards. Many places within reasonable walking distance to Dickson were attempting to lure bikers to park with them for a small fee. Parking was free on Dickson—if you could find an opening, of course. Fayetteville, Ark. Ozark mountain medley Motor-revving, toe-tapping, finger-licking fun Fayetteville, Ark. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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