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New studies are showing the surprising effects of antibiotics and the even more shocking effects of probiotics.

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We discuss why a diverse gut microbiome is best supported by lifestyle choices including eating local, organic foods and exposing ourselves to a variety of the microbiomes existing in nature. Our gut microbiome is influenced by everything we put into our body and everything around us. Zach provides unique insights that bring us closer to healing our guts and our bodies. Earth is our home, and future generations need its natural resources in order to survive and thrive. To create the physical resources for battery, wind and solar power, we need metal, but common metal mining practices cause huge negative impacts.

Gerard Barron and Dr.

Collective Insights Podcast

Greg Stone with DeepGreen join our host, Daniel Schmachtenberger, to define environmental sustainability and discuss how it can coincide with economic growth and prosperity. We weave through innovative ideas including gathering resources from the moon, the future of education, and what direction to take to solve our current healthcare challenges.

Since addressing our societal challenges starts with the vibrant health and empowerment of each individual, we hone in on how we can take back control of our own health.

His company Viome uses advanced technology to test the gut microbiome and then makes personalized food recommendations using artificial intelligence. Viome gives the consumer the opportunity to get detailed information on their own health. Starting with healing the individual, we journey through possibilities to heal the world with an attitude of abundance and hope. Most of us have had close encounters with the debilitating effects of complex chronic disease, either through our own experiences or those of a loved one.

For 47 years Neil Nathan, MD has been a practicing family physician, and he has devoted his life to helping patients with multiple complex problems that have not responded to conventional medical care.

We dive deep into the causes, effects, and healing of complex chronic disease. Harry McIlroy has forged a very unique path across the vastly different fields of both Eastern and Western medicine.

Collective Insights: Innovative Outreach Strategies are Winning New Audiences

He has extensive training in everything from osteopathy to yoga and meditation. As an M. He advocates for the clinical applications of cannabis and embraces the work of programs that bring forth the therapeutic use of psychedelics. We discuss the value of psychedelics, the promising research, and their migration from stigma into viability. McIlroy has such a unique spectrum of tools in his practice that his broad spectrum combination of ideologies and treatments are nearly unheard of.

Marcy Axness is an early development specialist, popular international speaker, top blogger at Mothering. She joins us in this episode of Collective Insights to discuss the steps that every parent should take to ensure their children would develop a healthy brain and a healthy mind. Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility to not only your children, but to yourself as well, and it is one of the most fulfilling roles one could play in his life.

Marcy emphasizes the importance of being mindful of your actions and of allowing your children a stress-free environment. Many parents give their children too many choices to make on a daily basis, and it has major consequences on their behavior and also down the line. Kotler discusses the future of civilization and our world while factoring in technology, VR, AI, biodiversity, flow states, creativity and other states of consciousness. How do those things intersect? How do we actually build a good world considering those things?

And what are some of the underlying philosophical considerations?

Impressive Results from New Strategies

Dan Stickler, cofounder of the Apeiron Center for Human Potential, shares his expertise in the field of male hormone optimization, peak performance, and well-being. Stickler has dedicated nearly 20 years to helping his patients regain vitality, balance hormones levels, and work toward youthful physiology as they age. We take a look at how it affects our society and its future in medical health-care.

Michael Gelb, author, pioneer in creative thinking, and innovative leadership coach leads us through a journey in cultivating self awareness, courage, and compassion for self-betterment, improved relationships and meaningful leadership in our lives. Scott Nelson and Justin Strahan join Dr. Heather Sandison, ND to discuss the science behind photobiomodulation, and specifically red light therapy. Other settings of interactivity include radio and television talk shows, letters to the editor, listener participation in such programs, and computer and technological programming.

Interactivity can be considered a central concept in understanding new media, but different media forms possess, or enable [29] different degrees of interactivity, [30] and some forms of digitized and converged media are not in fact interactive at all. Tony Feldman [31] considers digital satellite television as an example of a new media technology that uses digital compression to dramatically increase the number of television channels that can be delivered, and which changes the nature of what can be offered through the service, but does not transform the experience of television from the user's point of view, and thus lacks a more fully interactive dimension.

It remains the case that interactivity is not an inherent characteristic of all new media technologies, unlike digitization and convergence. Terry Flew argues that "the global interactive games industry is large and growing, and is at the forefront of many of the most significant innovations in new media" Flew These games, which are developments of "new media," allow for users to establish relationships and experience a sense of belonging that transcends traditional temporal and spatial boundaries such as when gamers logging in from different parts of the world interact.

These games can be used as an escape or to act out a desired life. Will Wright , creator of The Sims , "is fascinated by the way gamers have become so attached to his invention-with some even living their lives through it".

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With the creation of Second Life and Active Worlds before it, people have even more control over this virtual world, a world where anything that a participant can think of can become a reality. New Media changes continuously because it is constantly modified and redefined by the interaction between users, emerging technologies, cultural changes, etc.

New forms of New Media are emerging like Web 2. It is helping to make video games and video game consoles branch out into New Media as well. Gamers on YouTube post videos of them playing video games they like and that people want to watch. Cultural changes are happening because people can upload their gaming experiences to a Web 2. Consoles like the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have WiFi connectivity and chat rooms on most of their video games that allow gamer-to-gamer conversations around the world. Even the older video game consoles are becoming new media because YouTube can display the walkthroughs and let's plays of the game.

YouTube gaming is evolving because some YouTubers are getting wealthy and earning money from their videos.

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The more people that become YouTube members, the popular YouTube becomes and the more it starts emerging as a new source of media, along with video games and consoles. The older video games and consoles also get popularity, but from YouTube's capabilities of uploading them to the gamer's channels for everyone to see. The older games get popularity from the communities nostalgia of the game s , and the old school graphics and gameplay that made people see how old-school technology was the best at some point in time.

Facebook helps those video games and consoles get popularity as well. People can upload the videos they create to Facebook as well. Facebook is a much larger website with a lot more users, so people use Facebook to spread their gaming content as well. As a device to source the ideas, concepts, and intellectual properties of the general public, the television industry has used new media and the Internet to expand their resources for new programming and content.

The advertising industry has also capitalized on the proliferation of new media with large agencies running multimillion-dollar interactive advertising subsidiaries. Interactive websites and kiosks have become popular. In a number of cases advertising agencies have also set up new divisions to study new media. Public relations firms are also taking advantage of the opportunities in new media through interactive PR practices.

Interactive PR practices include the use of social media [34] to reach a mass audience of online social network users. With the rise of the Internet, many new career paths were created. Before the rise, many technical jobs were seen as nerdy. The Internet led to creative work that was seen as laid-back and diverse amongst sex, race, and sexual orientation. Web design, gaming design, webcasting, blogging, and animation are all creative career paths that came with this rise. At first glance, the field of new media may seem hip, cool, creative and relaxed.

INSITE – Innovation Sustainability And Technology

What many don't realize is that working in this field is tiresome. Many of the people that work in this field don't have steady jobs. Work in this field has become project-based. Individuals work project to project for different companies. Most people are not working on one project or contract, but multiple ones at the same time. Despite working on numerous projects, people in this industry receive low payments, which is highly contrasted with the techy millionaire stereotype.